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Design Guide

Logo (optional)

Logo will be displayed in the top area of the screen, just above the windows. As an alternative the logo can be designed as part of the background image. Size is optional.

Size of images in windows

Automatically adjusts and can be any size.

Size of background images in windows

Prize background: 760 x 160 pixel
Window background: 760 x 600 pixel (Minimum in terms of content)

Size of background images

Designing your own theme requires uploading 3 background images.
The image sizes are also specified under Design > Customize > Calendar frontpage in Advent Calendar.

Background image horizontal: 1680 x 1050 pixels (PC/Mac)
Background image vertical 1050 x 1680 pixels (Mobile/iPad)

If you have a lot of content the Background image horizontal may be higher or you can fade the bottom of the image to a solid color. That way it will match up with the background color when scrolling is needed.

Can I edit the Advent Calendar in December?

Yes, the Advent Calendar can be fully edited throughout December. It doesn’t have to be entirely complete when it goes live on 1 December.

Can I have an advent calendar without questions?

Yes, in Advent Calendar you can choose between question and campaign mode for each window. It’s also possible to activate text answer.

Can I obtain text answer in addition to multiple choices?

Yes you can. Please contact us to have it activated.

The text answer is edited on the current window under supplementary questions. The text answer will be visible along with the other information you wish to obtain.

Can I change the share link to the calendar?

Yes you can. Please contact us to have it activated.

The sharing link is then specified under Settings > Sharing > Custom Sharing Link.

Please note that this will override standard functionality for sharing on social media and Tell a friend.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes you can. Please contact us to have it activated.

Create a CNAME subdomain for the domain you want. Shorten the waiting time by setting TTL (Time to live) to e.g. 5 minutes.

Then go to Settings > General > Advanced and enter your URL.

Can I draw winners?

It’s possible to both draw winners on a daily basis while the calendar is active or across the entire period when it’s completed. You can set up either manual or automatic drawing. The automatic draw takes place at 01:00 on the day following day. We don’t publish winners automatically by default – they must be approved by you first.

You can also publish the winner of yesterday’s draw directly on the calendar window. To publish winners, select Frontpage > Winners and the day on which you’d like to publish the winners. Choose whether you want to show the correct answer to the question alongside the winner’s name. There is also space to write your own custom text.

Tip: Pay recognition to the winner with a personal greeting in the text field. Maybe they’ve won a prize that’s worth sharing more about?

I drew the wrong winner. Now what?

You can delete an already approved winner and then draw a new one. Go to Frontpage > Winners, select the correct date at the top and click the Delete icon next to the winner.

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