Remembered everything before Advent Calendar goes live?

You should check and double check this by 1 December.

The Advent Calendar can be edited throughout December. It doesn’t have to be entirely complete when it goes live on 1 December.

Have you published the advent calendar?

Your advent calendar has already been published with us. The link is found under settings and is composed of the name you have chosen as your subdomain and If you need to install the advent calendar on your website, you can use the code from Publish Options > Embed.

Don’t forget Facebook and correct share link

If you click Publish Options > Facebook, you’ll see a share link if you’ve already installed the calendar on Facebook. This link can be shared as a post on your Facebook page and is the link that must be used for the calendar to work on smartphones.

A minimum of 2000 followers* are required on Facebook to install Advent Calendar. *These are Facebook requirements.

Facebook Problem Solver.

Have you enabled email reminders?

You should enable email reminders for all pre-registered participants so that they receive daily emails from December 1st. This reminder will be sent on a daily basis throughout the 24-day period unless participants choose to unsubscribe. Go to Settings > Email Reminders to compose the text for the reminder and determine which version of the calendar you want to link to. Use Include daily content: Question and Prize to automatically show today’s calendar question and prize with photos in the reminder. Registration for the email reminder after December 1st takes place in the confirmation window following participation.

You can choose when the email reminders are sent, for example daily from 08:00. The time it takes to send to all reminders depends on the number of participants and traffic.

Enable social media sharing

Settings > Sharing: Choose the Social Media channels across which you want the participants to be able to share the calendar and questions of the day. Upload your own share image (if necessary) or use the automatically generated image.


Remember to customise registration fields

Settings > Registration form: Choose the fields that participants must fill out to register which give you the most relevant information. You must obtain consent if you subsequently want to send the participants offers. Choose whether consent applies to both email and SMS and whether it’s required to fill in this information to participate in the calendar. It’s possible to use several different consent fields.

It’s also possible to add Extra fields if you want to obtain more information from the participants such as membership number. Also remember to add a link to your own Privacy Policy at the bottom and enable it.

Remember to activate "Obtain invitation consent"

To encourage participants to participate in your advent calendar again next year, you can enable Obtain invitation consent. An email reminder will then be automatically sent out on 1 December next year to those who request an invitation. This can either be activated from 1 December or in the middle of the period.

Enable Preregistration

Settings > Preregistration: In order to ensure a high participant rate, you must enable Preregistration. This builds expectations up until the point at which the advent calendar goes live. Share the pre-registration link on Facebook and your website’s blog or newsfeed. You can find this link by clicking Publish Options > Link.

Automatically draw winners

Settings > Auto draw: Draws will take place at 1am after the selected day and winners will appear under Winners from the frontpage within the calendar. Here you can change, delete and manually draw more winners. Winners will also appear in the daily email report sent to you each morning. Important: winners are NOT automatically published or informed. A window must be set up with questions and answer options in order to draw winners automatically.

Confirmation Page

Use the confirmation message to present the daily offer or discount code. Add a link to your website and encourage participants to share your calendar on social media.

Encourage participants to like and share

In order for the advent calendar to be as effective as possible, you can encourage participants to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ and then reward those who have recruited the most participants. To do this, go to Participants > Recruits where you’ll see an overview of people with the highest number of recruits. Don’t forget to announce that the chance of winning increases for those who recruit the most!

More and avanced settings

Settings > General: Check that everything is correct here and slso check Advanced to enable Allow search engine indexing and Activate daily reports.